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BestERP - Business Intelligence

Consolidate your insights with Business Intelligence. Achieve a competitive edge in the book trade industry with strategic data driven insights to fuel your decisions. Improve your efficiency across the board.

Feature highlights

Optimize Operations Seamlessly with Centralized Management, Comprehensive Analytics, Robust Security, and Enhanced Flexibility for Unparalleled Business Growth and Performance.

Master Centralization

Efficient creation and replication of standardized masters across branches and showrooms, promoting accuracy and expertise in a centralized setting

Purchase Order Centralization

Streamlined procurement processes through centralized release, order monitoring, automated cancellations for overdue orders with supplier notifications, and seamless order replication to destination branches for efficient goods receipt.

Data Consolidation

Seamless integration and synchronization across branches and showrooms, aggregating diverse data types such as sales, inventory, transfers, purchases, and returns for real-time, comprehensive insights.

Data Warehousing

Robust archival and retrieval system enabling trend analysis through historical data retention and efficient indexing for rapid query responses.

Integrated Pivot Reports

Empower data-driven decision-making across sales, purchases, and inventory management through comprehensive pivot reports offering valuable insights.

Showroom Performance Tracking

Effective monitoring of showroom performance through KPIs, benchmarking against industry standards, and historical data for informed decision-making.

User Access Control

Enhanced data privacy and security with role-based access control and tailored permission settings for various user levels like managers, analysts, and executives.

Data Visualization

Enhanced insights through geographic mapping, visualizing showroom locations and performance for informed decision-making.

Business Improvement Tools

Comprehensive tools enabling performance tracking, historical data comparison, and actionable insights for optimizing inventory management and pricing strategies at branch/showroom levels.

Scalability and Flexibility

Adaptable architecture allowing for growth and new locations, supported by flexible workflows and diverse data integration options.



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