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BestERP - Retailers

Transform your bookstore operations with our retail module. Streamline your inventory management, optimize sales analysis, and unlock new levels of profitability and growth with our user-friendly interface and advanced features.

Feature highlights

BestERP for retailers boasts a wealth of robust features to cater to a wide range of business needs. Whether you’re managing a comprehensive multi-branch retail operation or a single location with multiple storefronts, our solution has you fully supported

User Friendly and uniform Interface

Consistent and easy-to-use interface across all its modules, providing a seamless experience for all users.

Supports Single and Chain Bookstores

Streamline inventory management, sales tracking, and reporting across all store locations, supporting both single and chain stores for increased efficiency and profitability.

Fast, efficient and accurate billing

Accurate billing saves time and resources, prevents issues, and improves customer satisfaction and financial integrity.

Integrated Inventory Management

Optimize inventory levels, streamline purchasing, and track product movement for efficient customer demand fulfillment


Simplify billing and tracking with source barcodes on products, and custom barcode creation. Enhance your inventory management efficiency

Promotion and Discount Management

Manage promotions and discounts centrally, track the effectiveness and customize to your customers' preferences.

Customer Loyalty

Encourage repeat business, loyaltyand enable targeted marketing through purchase tracking and rewards

E-Commerce Integrations

Integrate your business and e-commerce systems to streamline order management, reducing errors, and improve fulfillment speed and accuracy.

Multiple selling price

Facilitate streamlined billing process and avoid pricing errors by allowing multiple selling prices for items.

Integrated Pivot Reports

Make data driven decisions on pricing, promotions, and inventory management with powerful pivot reports.

Accurate ageing and stock value reports

Track purchase dates and generate accurate aging and stock value reports. Manage inventory levels and make informed decisions about pricing strategies

Centralized management of showroom data

Centralize your showroom data and increase transparency for your business. Get insights on inventory, staffing and marketing.


Retain your customers for life

Best’ (Best implies Business Edge SoluTions) solutions are specific to the trade/business. At Logic Soft, our endeavor has always been to improvise to meet the exacting needs and/or requirements that are trade specific.
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Helps you build customer confidence.

Helps you build customer confidence.

Walk-in customers look for specific books or versions, and it may not be available in stock. In those cases, the customers would like to be informed about its arrival — whenever that may be. Usually, this request is recorded in a book and sometimes forgotten. When customers realise they’re being ignored, it can affect the business. Retaining customers is of utmost importance to each of the showroom.

BestERP’S advanced customer order management system takes in these walk-in customer requests, makes a list and sends it to merchandisers for procurement. Whenever the stock is updated, the system matches the walk-in customer order and generates a report. Customer service staff can then update the customers about item availability. 


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Handle all your sales and purchases activities, manage invoices and bills, and track payments. also helps you monitor packages and shipments to keep your deliveries on time.